Tennis Coaching For The Backhand is a complete visual tennis coaching resource for the backhand tennis shot. Its aim is to provide backhand help for all standards – our tennis blogs are packed full of valuable backhand tennis coaching tips and general tennis instruction! It’s a meeting place for all levels of tennis players wanting to gain some extra backhand tuition or exchange views on tennis coaching and tennis lessons.

Online tennis training videos for the backhand

It provides a combination of tennis blogs, tennis lessons, backhand coaching tips, interactive online tennis training videos and articles, dedicated to the most beautiful, yet sometimes most difficult – backhand stroke! This is tennis coaching with a difference!

Background was launched by John Key, an L.T.A. registered tennis coaching professional in England. As a junior player, John represented his country for many years and held the GB Under 16 National title. As a coach, John has worked with all levels of tennis players from beginners to junior national champions, Davis Cup and Wimbledon.


John’s tennis coaching days are behind him and he now spends his time working in new media, building websites and producing web film content and as a result, has decided to combine his knowledge to produce this website. “The backhand really is a lovely shot and doesn’t need to be difficult. I would love this to be a place where information can be gathered on every single aspect of the backhand stroke. A place for beginners and advanced players alike. Yes, I have some good ideas on this shot developed over years in the game but I am certainly not the last word on the subject. I want to hear the views of all the excellent, enthusiastic club players out there. I want a complete resource here at Backhandworld. On the other hand, if anyone wants to reminisce about the glory days of Borg, Vilas, Connors and Mac – then I’m up for that!”

Why only the backhand stroke?

John’s answer to this is that the site only addresses the backhand stroke because:

  • It can be incredibly thorough dealing with one shot only
  • Many people find the backhand shot daunting when it needn’t be
  • It’s his favourite shot!

Fair enough!!

The history

John admits that his love of the game was ignited when in 1974 aged 12, he first saw Argentina’s Guillermo Vilas hit a single-handed topspin backhand. This in John’s opinion became the blueprint for the modern-day, single-handed backhand. “Laver started it, Vilas developed it and Federer perfected it”. “The ’70s and ’80s were great days to play tennis” These were fantastic times to be playing the game of tennis. Great hairstyles, great characters and great rivalries between the likes of Borg/McEnroe, Evert/Navratilova, McEnroe/Connors, Edberg/Becker and Graf/Seles. “These players made you want to hit balls all day to emulate their fabulous abilities”. What about those amazing Grand Slam finals. Who can forget the tactical brilliance of the late great Arthur Ashe, as he tied Jimmy Connors up in knots to win the 1975 Wimbledon title against all the odds.

Simple, fun and informative

John wants the information within this site to be fun and informative. “I don’t want to be discussing the ins and outs of biomechanics, I want the information to be as clear and simple as possible”. Have fun!