Can a New Overgrip Cause Grip Problems?

Can a New Overgrip Cause Grip Problems?

I recently received an interesting question on one of my blogs but the question is lost deep in the conversations about the wonders of Richard Gasquet’s backhand. Here’s the question and my reply:

“My tennis racket required an overgrip to accommodate the
appropriate diameter for my hands, but this has resulted in a
rounded handle and I can’t really feel the bevels. Will this be a
problem for achieving the right grips, especially for a backhand?”

And my reply:

“Hi there,

This is a really good point.

An overgrip like a Tourna Grip shouldn’t round the bevels too much
but a replacement grip (normal thicker grip) over an existing grip
can round things quite a bit. Some people find that the lack of
reference points (edges/bevels) can make finding the correct grip
position a bit difficult. If it continues to be a problem for you,
one technique is to remove the existing grip and build up the
handle with strips of card (full grip length), fixed in place with
dabs of glue. Assuming the card is the right thickness when the
grip is put back on over the card you’ll have the right size grip
and still have the bevels.

This is tricky but absolutely possible – it’s worth a go if you
can’t get on any more with your racket due to its rounded handle.”

There may be other, better solutions, but I have used this technique many times and it does the trick.

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