How Safe Is Using Garcinia Cambogia For Weight Loss

tamarind known as garciniaIn the quest to get the perfect solution for weight loss a lot of people have become desperate, usually trying out almost any and every new product that they come across which might hold the promise of a rapid or dramatic loss in weight.

A lot of these products are endorsed by celebrities and other notable personalities, but the fact still remains that their efficacy are shrouded in mystery.

Claims of these drugs, medications, and supplements being wonder drugs abound. And the endorsements that they appear to receive make matters worse for the person looking for an effective way of losing weight. One of such so called wonder solutions for losing weight is the garcinia cambogia.

The tropical fruit known as garcinia cambogia or Malabar tamarind is a well-known supplement for weight loss. It is reputed for stopping the body’s ability to create fat and suppressing appetite. It assists in controlling levels of cholesterol and blood sugar. It can be bought off shelves of most stores.

How Garcinia Cambogia works

The ingredient that is active in the fruit is HCA or hydroxycitric acid which boosts the burning of fat and destroys appetite. An enzyme responsible for fat making by the body known as the citrate lyase is apparently blocked by HCA. It equally increases the levels of serotonin the brain chemical which is probably going to make you feel less hungry.

High cholesterol and Diabetes Type 2

Garcinia cambogia appears to make our body to easily utilize glucose which is the sugar required by our cells for energy. People that use garcinia cambogia are reputed to have levels of insulin than those who do not. This is an additional reason apart from losing weight why diabetic people are showing interest in it. However, be aware that if you consume garcinia cambogia in addition to a medicine to control your sugar in the blood, your level of glucose could reduce drastically.

Some studies have discovered that garcinia cambogia can improve levels of cholesterol, raising the good cholesterol (HDL) and lowering the bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides. It is not advisable to use it if one is on a cholesterol medication.

Probable side effects

When administering garcinia cambogia, the likely side effects would be diarrhea or an upset stomach, headache, dry mouth, and dizziness.

Some health authorities suggest that this supplement is not safe for the liver, while other do not think so. However, the consensus among medical and dietary experts is that the supplement should be avoided if someone is experiencing any of the mentioned ailments,

If you are taking garcinia cambogia, it could have bad interaction with: the blood thinner called warfarin; drugs like statins which lower cholesterol; medications for conditions that are psychiatric; medicines of pain; iron for anemia; medicines for diabetes like insulin and pills; medicines for allergy and asthma like singular and accolade. It is not recommended for those who have liver or kidney problems, or women who are nursing or pregnant.

If it is to be purchased or not

Because the research study results are varying, it would be advisable to get counsel from your doctor to assist you in decide if taking garcinia cambogia is going to be beneficial to you. Even if it may be safe, it probably might not assist you in the loss of a lot of weight.